Thursday, March 02, 2006

Keeping in Touch ...

Hey all ... arrived in the US yesterday and all I can say is that I miss the New Life family big time. I think it's hitting more and more as the hours pass that I won't be there next Sunday (or the next). But I had a nice lay over in the Incheon Hyatt. Dude, if you ever have the chance, get a layover in Korea through Korean Air. They set you up with your own room, plus they cover all your meals! It was first class all the way baby.

Anyways ... I realized that I don't know how to relax. I feel like I have always "have" to be working on something. For those of you who don't know, I have a huge library of books in my US home that is larger than my Koorong collection in Sydney ... so I keep wanting to read, or prepare a sermon or something like that. So I think after 10 years of ministry, I need to learn how to not be preparing for something ... it's pretty strange ... I'm discovering more about myself right now. My "goal" is to relax and not do anything for a couple of days before visiting some schools in the area about some teaching opportunities. Can you pray for me (for both the goal and the opportunity?!?!) =)

And I wanted to share a website called "bloglines" that functions kind of like Xanga's "Subscription" service. I was talking about this with a bunch of people during our good-bye dinner at Star City and promised some people I'd post the info someday on my site.

It's "" ... and basically you can subscribe (for free) to any blog (Xanga, Blogspot, etc.) and find out who updated and read the blog entries all in one place. Again, it's like the Xanga subscription thingy, but better. You can read everyone's blog all in one place ... and know when people in "blogspot" updated without having to visit everyone's blog everyday. It tells you what's new and you have the option of "saving" entries you liked.

You can also keep news, weather reports, and other RSS feeds all in there too. Pretty useful I'd say. So all you Blogspot users, this is your chance to get updates on your buddies who put in new entries ... and once again, show your superiority over Xanga users =P ...

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Danni said...

Hi Eddie! It's good to see you've arrived safely. Anyway, i just wanted to drop a line =)
hope you achieve your goal coz I seem to achieve your goal everyday all day! ^^
take care!~

David Kwag said...


I bought U2 live in Chicago dvd. I need to learn the songs properly. I only know their well known ones. :P
Have a good one.


Sung said...

Take care of yourself over there Eddie!
You're missed already...

Check out the new Jordan ad alright?!!

take care!

Janice said...

you're back in the US! =')
hmmm at least i know we're still living on the same planet~ if you put it that way... we're not very far apart at all =) you remain in my prayers, love you Eddie & Hyun!
God bless you chunka monkeys