Thursday, March 09, 2006

Texas Stadium: Home of the Dallas Cowboys

I had a totally cool day yesterday. My dad and I went to take a tour of Texas Stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys (my favorite footaball team). I liked them ever since 1st grade even though I grew up in Chicago ... it seemed like destiny that my parents would end up in Dallas eventually =) God is good.

And so since it wasn't football season, there was only one other guy (from Philly) who was on the tour (sometimes during peak season, they have over 400 people going on the tour at one time). We got a chance to visit some club seat booths (amazing views!), the locker room (very cool!), and of course the field (totally awesome!) ... I felt like a kid in a candy store. I was so excited to be on the field that the greatest players and teams have played on.

My dad and I each brought our cameras and took a ton of photos ... I'll post up more photos later. But it was SOOOOO COOL to play some catch on that field too. We have some video footage of me throwing and catching touchdown passes in Texas Stadium hee hee =) But it felt awesome to throw a football in that place ... and the stadium on the inside was so beautiful. I totally want to go back there again ... so anytime you want to go ... I'll go with you :)

And then we ended the tour at the "official" Dallas Cowboys store ... and my senses were going crazy. If I could, I think I would have bought everything in that place ... it was a Cowboy fan's dream: Dallas Cowboys everything (plus it's all Navy Blue!). Hee hee hee ... can't wait to go back =)

EDIT: I will ignore the bad news about the U2 concert for now and instead stay focused and post up a few more pictures from my Texas Staduim tour here. I'm leaving the US tomorrow and will hopefully post up more pictures when I get back to Sydney =)

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Rebecca Cho said...

Hi Eddie~ I hope ur doing OK :) I just thought about you cuz i was reading the newspaper and there was this article that U2 have postponed their concert!
what's gonna happen!!!!
neways, stay safe :D

sehna said...

hey eddie!!!
do you remember me?1
how are you ?
miss you heaps!
still jealous that i didnt get to eat lunch with you and bangers..>.<
next time dont forget me.. even if im at school im come.. il drive hahaha
i got my p's btw=))

Agnes said...

Hi just want to say that i hope things have been good for you :) I can't sleep so i listened to one of your old sermons that i missed (was overseas at the time) ah such thought provoking bedtime material. hehe being random~