Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Dallas Fellowship

Just wanted to update a bit some other highlights from my trip to the US and Korea ... for today, some good fellowship in Dallas ...

I got a chance to meet up with a good buddy of mine who was in my doctorate program while I was in Dallas. His name is Gary Brandenburg and currently is the new head pastor of Fellowship Church of Dallas. You can visit his website and hear his sermons here.

He's a great speaker with an even greater pastoral heart. They recently purchased an old movie theater that will be the site of their new home for worship. When I visited they were a few more days from completion, and it was so cool to see what they were going to be doing with it.

The day I met him, I also got a chance to sit in on his mentoring group. He mentors about 10 other young pastors who are currently in seminary or who have recently graduated. It was great to see this kind of ministry discipleship going on in his life. Ever since we met, I felt like he was an older "Paul" that a "Timothy" like me could turn to for advice about ministry. After that meeting we had our own time to talk and I bascially drilled him with a bunch of questions for the next hour and a half about ministry and pastoring, etc.

As I mentioned in a previous post, it's so rare for 2nd generation pastors to have this kind of relationship with an older pastor to talk with and to seek advice from. I was so thankful for our meeting and friendship. It's going to be cool to visit him again after the move into their new building. It's also cool to meet a senior pastor who's genuine concern is about building people and building the Kingdom of God ... and not just building his own ministry. My respect and hats off go to him big time =)


Woah! Korea just beat the USA baseball team in the World Baseball Classic by a score of 7-3. They're also the only undeated team in the tournament now (5-0). I'm impressed.

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