Sunday, March 19, 2006

Family Fellowship

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One of the things I enjoyed the most during my trip back to the US and Korea was to be able to see so many of my relatives in such a short amount of time. The picture above is of me and my grandfather (on my dad's side). He's been the intercessor for our family for many decades. A very cool grandfather.

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And of course it's always great to spend time with my parents. I realize more and more that "home" is not a place, but it's "people" ... where family and loved ones are, that is where home is for me:)

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I was also able to see several aunts, uncles and cousins along the way too. The picture above is of Eunjung and Eunyoung's parents and my cousin who might be heading out to the US to practice medicine.

Over all, I sense that I'm cherishing my time with family more and more as the years go by ... hmmmm ... probably a sign that I'm getting older :) But that's OK ... cuz each day is a day closer to our Eternal Home with Christ ... and in that place, there are no more good-byes :) Yea.

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sam baik said...

hey bro, glad to hear your trip is going well. i was looking at the previous pix of Hae-Il in sydney... too funny bro, i went to college with her. i was like "she looks familiar" and then i was like "that's Hae-Il!" too funny... hope all is well. the pix of you on the dallas star is AWESOME!! how did you get down there!?!?! can you believe terrell owens is going to be on that star again as a cowboy!?!? surreal life... take care bro. tell hyun we said hi. take care. sam

ey byun said...

may be I'm getting older too..
I really am cherishing my time with family more and more...=P

Eddie said...

Sam: What's up dude. Great to hear from you. And yes, I told Hae-Il you said "hi" :) Small world indeed! :)

EY: Yes, you're getting older!!! :P