Monday, July 04, 2005

Walter and Toni Outing

Walter, Toni, their son Nathan and daughter Naomi and I at Darling Harbour ... Minsang, Kwangwon, Danni and I took out our guests to the city today. It was my regular tourist route with stops at key photostops ... I love playing photographer =)

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Walter and Toni =)

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Walter and Nathan =) Posted by Picasa


Eunyoung said...

oh oh oh.. how cute.. =O

lawrence said...

hey ed! that brings back some good memories =) can u let them know that i say hi and that i miss them and that we at philly got their prayer email for naomi. thanks ed and miss you too =)

Eddie Byun said...

Good to see you here LT ... let me know you're new website address and I'll add a link here too. Walt, Toni and I were just talking about our Philly days =)