Sunday, July 17, 2005

50 Days of Purity - A Life of Faith is A Life of Purity

We concluded our 50 Days of Purity today! What a great time of consecration, prayer and fasting for our congregation. I'm very proud of all who made it through the whole 50 days! I know it wasn't easy for some of you, but I really believe God was happy with it all.

I received email letters from people who have shared what God has done during these days. Here is a bit of what God has done in these 50 days:

* At least 3 people have been set free from years of bondage
* Salvation has come upon friends of our EM members
* Contacts for more potential donors for SEASON of Love
* A mother's cancer had stopped growing
* Hearts have been renewed to follow hard after God
* Future direction has become clearer for some

Breakthroughs have happened. Lives have been changed. His Kingdom has grown. God has done great things!

Feel free to email me more of the testimonies of what God has done during this time. I'd love to hear them! And let's give thanks and praise for the awesome works of His hands! I know God will continue to do more life-changing things through the JAMA conference coming up next weekend ... more of You Lord, that is our desire!!

[What's New: I've majorly reorganized all the folders in the pictures sections. Enjoy =)]

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