Sunday, July 10, 2005

Getting to Know You ...

We had a wonderful service today with Walter as the guest speaker, reminding us again that we were created for eternity (jet-lagged for Jesus) and the marks for our discipleship to Christ is seen through our faith and love.

Hmmm ... this may look like a dating game going on in our EM, but it's actually just lunch with some "possible" double motives going on here =) And poor Danni ... I think she was the last one left in this "game". It's OK Danni, we all love you. [For the "real" version of what happened, see the "multi-media section: dating game" for the video of this match up ... because she was "interested" =) ]

And in order to get to know each other and God even better, we'll be heading off to our retreat tomorrow [July 11-14]. Please continue to pour your prayers over us as we go. And pray for lives to grow deeper in love and deeper in maturity with God. And lift up special prayers for Walter and Toni as they speak and the praise team as they lead us into His presence with songs of joy. Thanks for your prayers ... through it we become partners in this journey of faith. I'll update you again when we return. May God bless you richly this week!

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Monica said...

Just want to say thanks for tonight. I was blessed and I think I needed some comfort zone breaking. Always a pleasure to serve our King with You.