Saturday, July 16, 2005

To Our Precious Angel from God ... Naomi

I'm going to miss Naomi's smile so much when Walter and Toni leave. Her smiling at me makes me feel so special ... because it's coming from such a special person =)

Naomi, may you always know your Father in heaven is also always smiling upon you. You are His cherished possession. You are the apple of His eye ... you are forever dearly loved by Him (and by us!).

I dedicate our retreat blessing song to you:

May the Lord bless you
May the Lord keep you

May the Lord protect you

For the Lord loves you

He loves to hear you

He loves to hold you

He loves to know you

For the Lord loves you

You will always have our prayers surrounding you, Naomi. Bless you my precious angel from God. You have blessed me tremendously ... with the gift of who you are. We love you. Always.

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