Monday, July 18, 2005

MC Hermannese In Da Houuuuuuuuse!

Hermannese like you've never seen him before ... just uploaded a pretty funny video of Hermz singing and dancing during a skit for our retreat. I love it! =p I'll try and get more videos from the retreat up soon as well.

There's also a very cute video of Nathan attempting a very "Big Smile" =) And I added Walter and Toni's family homepage in the links section. We can stop by and see updates on how Nathan and Naomi are doing.

And I just came back from a great lunch with Walter, Toni, Eddie Bang and Matt Lee ... hosted and cooked by Kwang Won, Jenny and their mom. Thanks guys ... it was an amazing lunch. The best I've had in over 50 days! =p It was sad to say good-bye to Walter, Toni, and family but it was great to serve with them again. Let's keep them in our prayers and look forward to the day we can see them all again. (Lord willing, some day soon) We love you guys!!!!

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