Saturday, July 30, 2005

A Tribute to Ryne Sandberg

It was a pretty reflective day as I prepared for Sunday and did a bit of personal study here and there. So for now ... I just wanted to post a tribute to Ryne Sandberg, who was my favorite baseball player growing up, and tomorrow he'll be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Growing up in Chicago, #23 meant two people: Michael Jordan and Ryne Sandberg. Everyone wanted #23 on their uniforms because of these two guys. No matter the sport you played, this was the prized jersey number to get ... I only got it once, and never let it go =) Those were the days ...

Anyways ... have a great Sunday and may you enjoy God and His favor upon your life. And may His Word go forth with power and bring life-change for all who hear. May God bless you richly this weekend!

I'll close with a song from one of my favorite song-writers who always helps me think of my eternal home in heaven ...

"Be With You" by Rich Mullins

"Everybody each and all
We're gonna die eventually
It's no more or less our faults
Than it is our destiny
So now Lord I come to you
Asking only for Your grace
You know what I've put myself through
All those empty dreams I chased

And when my body lies in the ruins
Of the lies that nearly ruined me
Will You pick up the pieces
That were pure and true
And breathe Your life into them
And set them free?

And when You start this world over
Again from scratch
Will You make me anew
Out of the stuff that lasts
Stuff that's purer than gold is
And clearer than glass could ever be
Can I be with You?
Can I be with You?

And when You blast this cosmos
To kingdom come
When those jagged-edged mountains
I love are gone
When the sky is crossed with the tears
Of a thousand falling suns
As they crash into the sea
Can I be with you?
Can I be with you?"

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Be With You
What's New: a couple of new posts in the "Inkings: Bible Reflections" section, continuing on in Exodus.

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