Monday, July 31, 2006

A Warm Weekend

This picture is at Rushcutters Bay Park with the sun setting. I visited it for the first time on Saturday, enjoying the great weather we've been having recently. I love the Sydney sky right before the sun sets ... the colors the past few days have been amazing.

For Sunday, after a nice brunch at a nearby cafe, we had another presentation at Sun Gyul Church. God provided abundantly for some key projects we're working on right now overseas. Some people's lives are going to receive some major healing through the generosity of His people, and a few people's lives are going to change forever big time as a result of God's provision this weekend. I was so blessed to see the huge hearts within this church.

And the smaller photo above is a historic picture showing the translating debut of Mike. He was nervious, but did a good job ... taking one for the team. And I'm sure they understood more since they didn't have to listen to my Korean =P It was a nice weekend ... I sensed the "warmth" of God in so many places and through so many people. Thanks God ... and thank you to those who partnered with us through prayer.

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