Thursday, July 06, 2006

Beginning in Korea

Well, this will be the first of several posts that give a brief overview of my past few weeks in S. Korea, China, and N*Korea. I started off in Korea and did a presentation in Onnuri Church (the EM @ Yangjae). I also visited my grandfather (pictured above with my oldest aunt on my dad's side), which I try to do everytime I'm in Korea. Timing worked out great as I was able to celebrate his 88th birthday together =)

The slideshow below are some other highlights from my first leg of my Korea trip: 1. Onnuri's presentation 2. group shot with John Kim, his wife and Mike. 3. Dinner with some friends from Sydney and the US. 4. Running into that Korean movie star (which I still don't know the name of!) 5. Dinner with my aunt and uncle. 6. Mr. Pizza with Mike before heading off to China.


Eric Bae said...

glad you're back Eddie! that pizza looks too good to be true.......... :)

Eddie said...

Hey EBae,

Yes, that pizza was REALLY good. Speaking of which, I think I'll post some food pix tomorrow! :)

Shabba said...

my goodness! i think i'm in 99% of your pics!

Sharon said...

all i can say is...THAT's what we were supposed to see when we went up there?? man, it looks to sleet & clouds

oh...and glad you made it back ok! send me pics & we'll send you ours too. we just bought a computer so hopefully we can send everything asap.

Eddie said...

Mike: Dude, I didn't notice that. What was I thinking!??!!? :P

Sharon: Yes, that's what the mountain was supposed to look like :) And it was such a nice surprise to see you and Joel!