Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Promises Promises

"It's important to note what God does promise and what He doesn't. He promises we can be certain about who He is and we can be certain about our relationship in Him, but how the journey plays out is full of uncertainties." Erwin McManus, Seizing Your Divine Moment

Faith and prayer is not about ultimately getting what I want ... it's about trusting that no matter what the outcome, it will be God's will that will ultimately be done ... and to rejoice in that. A true test of whether faith is maturing is seen in our response to God when our prayers aren't answered. Do I still trust Him? Do I still believe that He is always good and that His ways are always best (even if it's not the way I wanted it to be)?

Just something that's been on my mind recently ...

PS. The picture above is the view from our living room. There was a double rainbow the other day ... God's reminder that He is faithful to His promises ... always. =)

Currently Reading
Seizing Your Divine Moment: Dare to Live a Life of Adventure
By Erwin Raphael McManus


Eric Bae said...

hey Eddie :) there was a rainbow in Melbourne too yesterday!

anyway, have you read a book called "When God doesn't answer prayers" by Jerry Sittser? I'm just wondering if it's a good book I'll buy it.. it's on sale~ :) your post reminded me of this book because I always thought of buying it.

Eddie said...

Hey EBae, no I didn't read that book. But it sounds good :)