Friday, July 28, 2006

They'll Be Back

After giving me a bit of a scare, U2 has finally announced their new concert dates for Sydney: November 10-11! =) And maybe to make the Australian fans feel better, they also announced that their previous Sydney Tour from 1993 will hit DVD's in September. I've been patiently waiting for all their pevious videos to come out on DVD for quite awhile too.

And for those who may not know, the video above (and very cleverly made I might add) is a cool edit job of George W. Bush singing one of U2's older songs (Sunday Bloody Sunday). It's one of their many political songs seeking to be a voice for the weak and oppressed. For a more detailed story behind "Bloody Sunday" (an event that happened in Ireland back in 1972), click here.

And I'll be doing another presentation this Sunday at Sun Gyul Church for the 2pm service. Please keep it in prayer, thanks! :) Well, hope you all have a great weekend ... in His presence.

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eunyoung said...

this clip is so cool~~ kewl~
funny.. haha

Eddie said...

:) Yes, I like it too :)

eunyoung said...

i heard that the presenation went well.. =)
will still pray for CB!
we have to meet up sometime soon. eh?
haven't see you for so~~~ long..~!!

Eddie said...

Yes, it went REALLY well. Thanks for your prayers :)