Monday, July 17, 2006

At the Border

Well, my trip overview in pictures concludes with this and tomorrow's post. Today I just wanted to show some more pix of N*K from China's border. A nice surprise on my trip was to be able to see a very old and good friend that I grew up with in China. Even though it was only for a couple of days, it was nice to catch up and meet her husband too :)

We took a van-ride out to the border, ate "nangmyun" by the river and some of us even went for a quick swim too. Some parts of the river that divide these two countries were very shallow which made it a popular spot for some to "visit" from one country to the other (even though you're not supposed to, if you know what I mean).

So as you get a rare view into N*K, please lift up prayers for this nation and its people to find true freedom in Christ. And please pray for those who are serving these people in China that God would protect them, provide for them and give them wisdom to build these special people for Kingdom work effectively.

On a final note for today, we had a presentation at a local church yesterday and we were so blessed by all the prayers and support that was raised through the service. So for all those who prayed for us and for SFG, thank you for your generous hearts. And big thank you also goes out for the small groups at NLW who helped package over 3000 crosses for us as well! :) God will not forget the works of your hands as you help His people.

Oh, and if you use Xanga and want presentation/announcement updates, you can subscribe here. And for the final leg of my trip, I stopped by the Martyrs Museum in S. Korea which I shall share about tomorrow. Until then, have a great Monday :)


David Kwag said...

Mondays are the hardest...

Hope you are well Eddie.

Eddie said...

Hey Mins,

Doing well ... hope you're good too :)

sharon said...

yay for pictures! it was such a blessing to see you. i'm so thankful to have such great brothers & sisters in Him

Eddie said...

Hey Sharon.

It was great to spend time with you and to meet Joel too:) And I hope a "Midwest Reunion" can happen someday too!