Thursday, May 18, 2006

Welcoming Another Pastor Eddie to Sydney!

I met up with Pastor Eddie Han from LA this past week for lunch and it was a pure pleasure talking and sharing with him. He came on his own this time around to finalize some things with Cheil Church, but he and his beautiful family will be moving to Sydney once his visa application process is completed (hopefully within a couple of months or so).

He'll be the new EM pastor for Cheil Church (near Strathfield) and he's excited to be a part of what God's been doing in Sydney. And he is another answer to many years of prayer! A lot of us in Sydney have been praying for many years for God to send and raise up more workers to serve as shepherds here in Australia and I'm so excited to have another shepherd here to serve this special generation in Australia. With so few churches having full-time pastors for the 2nd generation, it's a true blessing for this nation whenever God provides in this way. So let all God's people (and His churches) praise God for this provision!

He's a great guy with a great heart and vision for Sydney, so let's welcome him warmly and support him as he comes to partner with us to build the Kingdom of God here in Sydney. May God continue to provide shepherds for all of his people in this nation that is going through great seasons of blessings and grace =) And may His Church be renewed, revived and empowered to reach this generation and the next ... all for His glory.

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Eric Bae said...

you're kidding me. Another Eddie?!?!?!?! HAHAHAHAHA, hey this is the church where Sam's sister's husband is also a pastor...

Mon said...

ohh...not another Eddie...Are all your friends named Eddie, Eddie?? hehehe... JUST KIDDING!!! :P

Eddie said...

People are asking me if all my friends are named Eddie and are pastors. But honestly, there aren't that many "Eddies" in the US! Really!

eunyoung byun said...

we're blessed with so many EDDIES~ kk
welcome pastor Eddie Han.~

Eddie said...

Ha ha ... thanks for considering it a blessing EY :)