Monday, May 01, 2006

NFL Draft 2006

Wooo Hoooo!

I'm so excited! Yesterday was the beginning of the 2006 NFL draft. The NFL draft day for me is a bit like Christmas for some reason. I get so excited to see who the Cowboys are going to draft as I dream of another Super Bowl championship year for Dallas.

So who did they get? Well, they drafted Ohio State linebacker Bobby Carpenter with the 18th pick (a great choice, esp. for their new defense), and then landed Notre Dame tight end Anthony Fasano with the 53rd selection after moving down four spots through a trade with the Jets. And they picked up Jason Hatcher, a DE from Grambling.

But the shockers of the day were:

#1. Mario Williams (DE) getting the top pick! I have a feeling Houston may regret this selection in the future. Especially as they see Bush, Young, and Leinart develop into franchise players for their respective teams.

#2. Reggie Bush (RB) getting picked at #2. With all that talent, going to a team like the Saints will really test his patience and it'll test to see how good he really is. He could either turn into a frustrated Barry Sanders or a washed up Ricky Williams.

#3. Matt Leinart (QB) falling to #10! Arizona got a huge gift with these teams passing up on him. The Cardinals have a bright future now. They already got Edgerrin James (RB) in the off season, they have a solid older QB (Kurt Warner) to mentor Leinart, and some promising young receivers for him to throw to. What an ideal situation to be in for this guy, plus it's close to USC, where he still has a huge fan base.

And Vince Young

And an interesting note for me was watching the Titans treat McNair so poorly (their old QB) in the off-season and then draft a younger version of him in Vince Young. And if a team treats a veteran who gave so much to them so poorly, I wouldn't sign with them. It's only a matter of time before they give you the cold shoulder too.

But I think Young is the most exciting player in the draft and I hope he can adjust well in the NFL so we can see some major highlights each week, like what he gave us in the Rose Bowl (except against the Cowboys, of course). Truly amazing. Well, that's my 2 cents for the first day of the NFL draft. =)

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