Monday, May 22, 2006

Praying People Potential

There's a new website called "Praying People" which is a very cool way to share prayer requests with others and to be in prayer for your buddies too. I think it has the potential to become REALLY BIG within the Christian community ... a mix between blogging and praying, Praying People allows us to keep in touch with heart-issues that our loved ones have.

I know there are a couple of other praying websites out there, but I found this one much easier to use and simplier to navigate around. Though it's still in its early (Beta) stages, I think with our feedback, it can be the top in its field ... above all else, the reason I like it is because our very own EBae (Eric Bae) created it! God planted this idea in his mind before even finding out there was another website like it on the net. But I honestly think this one has some serious potential to be an awesome tool for God's people on the web.

So check it out ( ... sign up ... give feedback ... and let's pray for each other! :) If you want to add a couple of "buddies" right away, you can do a search for our names [Eddie & Eric] and add them. See you in the prayer room =)

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Eric Bae said...

I love that photo.. :)

oh and yeah, here's my domain.. hahahaha joining the bandwagon!!

Eddie said...

It's cool to see people starting to sign up for this too :) Hopefully with enough feedback, this'll be the best prayer site out there :)