Friday, May 12, 2006

Google Gadgets

Google just keeps them coming. The newest toys/applications from Google just came out this past week and I've been enjoying the "gadgets" that their new Google Desktop application comes with. And yes, it's a total copy of what Apple has been doing, but it lets us PC users get in on the fun too =)

There are few other newbies that you can read about here ... and I'm looking forward to their new Google Notebook function which should be out next week [I think it's going to be a free application that will basically take the place of Microsoft's Notebook program.]

And to keep in line with my "Something Fun For Your Friday" thingy I've been doing, I posted the last chapter of the Thailand 2003 Mission Trip DVD (that our hard-working EBae made!) on YouTube ... enjoy! And have a great weekend :)


Eric Bae said...

ohhhhh!!! hahahahaha this is excellent! now I gotta dig more videos out so I can give them to ya Eddie~ :) brings back lots of memories... can you put up the matrix one we did somehow? kekeke :)

oh and guess what Eddie~ have a friend working at Google in Sydney... and guess how many interviews he had to get in!!! EIGHT! crazy! he had to wait seven weeks for them to get back to them.. :)

Eddie said...

Hey EBae. Keep those videos coming bro. You did an amazing job on that DVD too :)

Wow, that's pretty cool that your friend is working for Google ... if they need someone to test out new products (toys) let me know :D BTW, how does your friend like working there? What's the work enviornment like?

Eric Bae said...

Eddie :)

well, he says it's a great place to work at. I think he's enjoying it a lot~ apparently the company wants to create a certain culture~ so even if you are super smart, you many not even get the job if you don't meet their 'cultural' standards I think~ they get thousands of applicants all the time!

Paul Oh said...

AWWWWW!!! eddddiiieeeee!! awwww.. :l talk about bringing back memories!! its good to see that you're doing well !! :) God bless you Eddie (and eric! hehe) and hope to run into you more often!! *shake shake shake watermelon!!* bye~

daniel bae said...

Hey! I downloaded the desktop today! So much to get used to! I think the weather thing is the most useful though! haha

Eddie said...

EBae: I heard great things about how Google has been creating a cool working culture/environment in their US office. I'd love to see how they're transfering that into their international offices as well. Let's visit your friend sometime :)

Paul: Hey Paul, good to hear from you. Yeah, that video/DVD brought back a lot of great memories for me too. I don't have any more videos from other mission trips on me at the moment, but if I can get my hands of them, I'll post those up too.

DBae: I agree. I first tried a bunch of different gadgets, but in the end I'm basically just using the weather thing too :)