Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Walk By Faith Not By Sight

Hyun and I were taking some pictures at a restaurant that was close to her work the other day. We had a lot of fun playing with the mirrors and trying to see which photos were real, and which were images of the real thing ... and it got me thinking about how easily deceived our eyes can be. And because of this, how important it was to learn how to "see" things properly.

The lens that will give us proper vision in life is the lens of faith ... for it helps us to learn how to decern ... circumstances and surroundings ... events and misfortunes that come our way. I think that is why we are called upon to be a people who "walk by faith, not by sight" in this journey of life. Do we see our suffering through the lens of faith or the blinders of bitterness?

Scripture tells us that even Satan comes in disguise as an "angel of light" ... and will fool many, who have not learned to see things through this lens of faith ... and who have not learned to discern his tactics. Part of effective warfare is to know your enemy well. And in this war we are in, a major way he will attack is to through our preception of things ... especially of God, of His goodness ... and of His power. Is He loving ... is He wise ... is He in control? And the heart of faith procliams: Yes, He is!

And a few more thoughts from something I was reading recently ...

He [the devil] is relentless. I mean by that, that he does not cease or give up. He does not care what methods he employs so long as he can bring us down and discredit the work of God.

And he is not concerned about consistency. He does not hesitate to vary his [methods of attack], he does not hesitate to contradict what he had said to us previously.

He has but one [objective] and one concern and that is to bring into [shame] the Name and the work of God in our redemption through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones. Spiritual Depression: Its Causes and Its Cure, p. 93.

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Heinz said...

Hmm... thanks for the reminder Eddie. I especially liked the quote concerning Satan from the book you're reading. Insightful.

eunyoung said...

walk by faith..
yeap! thats what I need to do right now! (and in the future too...)

Eddie said...

Heinz: Thanks :)

EY: Amen :)

David Kwag said...

Yo Eddie!

Good to see you're enjoying your time.

Hope all is well Eddie.

Eddie said...

Hey Mins.

All is well! :) Hope things are good at work for you too.

Take care bro.