Monday, May 08, 2006

A Nice Weekend ... In His Presence

Hyun and I had such a nice weekend together celebrating her birthday =) We went to the city for a great brunch at Morton's and then hung out in beautiful Sydney for a bit ... exploring the city like we used to do when we first came here (almost 5 years ago?!?!). Then for dinner we ate at Circular Quay and got to enjoy the Opera House and Harbour Bridge at night. And the day was filled with a lot of nice surprises along the way ... I think it was God's way of wishing Hyun a happy birthday too =)

And for our Sunday service we went back to Oxford City Church [the announcement-driven-church ... because they LOVE their announcemnts!]. They had a guest speaker from the US today who was excellent. He preached on how we were created to love people ... to love our community that is broken and how to restore that community, we need vulnerability towards one another, with Christ-like acceptance.

These were all themes that God's been reinforcing in my life these past few months as well ... I think it was God's way of reminding me of His presence in my life right at that moment. And we ended Sunday night with a nice family dinner [with EJ, EY and their mom]. All in all, a great weekend ... in His presence. Here are some pix below of our weekend [doesn't Hyun have a great smile?] =)


eunyoung said...


SS said...

Looks like you guys had a fantastic time ... Happy Bday Hyun! Looks like you guys found a church too(sort of) ... talking about churches, the church we are going to at the moment actually created the Alpha course - next week Bill Hybels is coming to town to speak, but will be in Ireland ... :( ... :)

SS said...

i just put up a post but it was too long ... :( ... looks like you guys had great fun .. happy bday Hyun!

Eddie said...

EY: Yes, I agree :)

SS: That's awesome SS! I want to go to Ireland and see U2's hometown :)If you bump into them, get their signitures for me :) ... please.