Thursday, April 20, 2006

Thailand 2006 Pix

The original Thailand slideshow has been moved to here.

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Andy said...

ohhh i remember those cheese corn chip looking things. On the way to Laos, at the service station where it was like 2am hahaha.
they were goooooood.
cool to see ur enjoying life eddie!

Eddie said...

Hey Andy. Are you feeling better? It's good to hear from you. I love those chips dude. I ate it like everyday while I was in Thailand. And yes, enjoying life is my new project for this year ;)

eunyoung said...

wow.... wish i was there.. having a holiday!! =)

David Kwag said...

i visited the islands you were on!

Good to see ur having a good time.

Eddie said...

EY: FOCUS! :) Study hard and finish well.

Mins: Hey, we had Peter as our boat tour guide too :)

David Kwag said...


thats funny..
He's a champion.
We had a lot of fun because of him!

Eddie said...

Seriously, he was pretty cool. :)