Monday, April 17, 2006

Back From Thailand

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Hyun and I just got back from Thailand ... safe, sound, round (me!) and tired! But I'm glad Hyun could finally see what a beautiful country Thailand is and how wonderful the people can be (and how good the food is!!!!). I learned a lot through this trip and am slowly relaxing again ... there's a ton of things I'm going to have to process through, esp. through my time at Newsong. And I'll post more pictures soon ... after I hibernate for awhile =)

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Eric Bae said...

please REST EDDIE! hahaha :) there's no such thing in your dictionary man! glad you're back!

Eddie said...

Ha ha ... I'm trying EBae, I'm trying!!! :p ... but it's seriously hard for me to relax and chill ... BUT ... it WILL be my goal for this year. Hee hee ... Good to be back too ... and miss you a bunch bro!

David Kwag said...


Glad you had a great time dude.
Good to have you back.

Must catch up with you soon.

Take care!

Eddie said...

Mins: Yep, let's catch up soon :)

Monica Kim said...

Welcome back Eddie!
The water looks so beautiful!
I'm looking forward to seeing a "rounder" Eddie! hehe :)

Eddie said...

Ha ha ... I'll be "rolling" around Koorong, so you can see me there :)