Monday, April 03, 2006

Can You Find ...

... the various bands represented in the picture below?

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... the former New Lifer who went to Melbourne and became a worship leader?!?!?

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... where this was taken?

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... God's message for you?

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Graham said...

Whoa, that took a long time... I found..

Radiohead, Matchbox 20, Seal, Eminem, Sex Pistols, Seal, Smashing Pumpkins, The Eagles, Blondie, White Snake, Rolling Stones, Prince, Blur, Alice in Chains, Garbage, 50 Cent, Madonna, U2, Beach Boys, Korn, Kiss, BeeGees, Crowded House, Greenday, Iron Maiden, Guns & Roses, Pet Shop Boys, Doors, Pearl Jam, White Stripes, Tatu, Oasis, Men At Work, Gorillaz, Rob Zombie (?)

Was the Jesus Loves You message written at Anna Bay too? I nearly drowned there when I was little T.T

Eddie said...

Hey Gray: Wow, that was pretty good actually. And yes, the message was also from Anna Bay. Swimming in Aussie beaches is not that easy ... I can totally understand how that could have happened. Actually while we were there, there were a TON of blue bottles all over the place. Good thing we saw them before Mike jumped in there!