Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Da Vinci Code Resources

Da Vinci Code Resources

Since I won't be doing my Da Vinci Code sermon series anymore (due to my sabbatical), I thought I'd offer up some resources that will help those who have questions from the book and the upcoming movie (next month). I've created a page that has resources to help both the believer and the skeptic ... you can click here or visit the link in my "Inklings" section on the right.

I think it's going to be a great opportunity to share the true Gospel with friends as well as strengthen our own faith when this movie comes out and the questions arise ... after all, the movie posters in Sydney all say "Seek the Truth" ... and that's what we want to do =)

Thanks NLW for the Video

And I want to say thanks to Kevin and the New Life team that put together that video for my last Sunday. I was truly touched and *almost* got emotional. Kevin compressed the video and sent the file to me recently and wanted to post it up. You can click on the image above to watch it online or you can click here and download it to you computer. I think I've watched it like 50 times already ... bringing back some great memories of my time at New Life. Miss you guys! =*)

ps. Pictures from Thailand should be up in a day or two. =)

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David Kwag said...

Hey Eddie

Seriously, Hermann and I were just giving some tips to Kevin and dang....we were getting emotional. Great song though.

Man...We miss ya mate!

Eddie said...

It was really well made. Hyun and I were very impressed with it. Thanks again ... and I miss you guys a bunch too.

Juno said...

hey how r you!??
wat have u been up to??
i hope that God is still guiding your path and giving you strength to walk upon it
take care buddy
itd be good to hear from you!
your BiC

eunyoung said...

its so touching.. watching it again...

welcome back !

hannahkang said...


Eddie said...

Juno: God's been good :)

EY: Thanks :)

Hannah: (!) :)