Sunday, April 09, 2006

Sunday, Sunday ...

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Sundays ...

Hyun and I have been "church hopping" for the past several weeks and I must say it's been difficult to find a church to call home. And what's becoming even more sad is that I'm beginning to understand why most Australians don't attend church on Sundays. For those out there who have a heart for church-planting, this is a country in *desperate* need of a lot of good church plants. And I don't just mean for the Asian communities ... I mean for every community.

I wanted this year's sabbatical to be a break for me from pastoral ministry ... but after each passing Sunday, my heart is beginning to hunger more for a solid place to worship and be fed. But alas, my heart is also in major need of rest and restoration ...

Crossing Borders Australia ...

And just to update on our first CB meeting for Australia last Thursday night ... it was GREAT!! A lot of passion and excitement in the hearts of everyone who will be pioneering with us, so I left the meeting very pumped for this coming year. We have a great group of staff members who I believe will be used by God to do some amazing things for the Kingdom of God. Please keep praying for CB Australia!

Thailand Tomorrow! =)

I'll be leaving for Thailand tomorrow to meet up with Dave Gibbons, who is the leading church planting pastor for the Asian American Church. He's the founder of Newsong Church in Orange County and most recently he and his family moved to Bangkok to start up a church over there.

We'll be meeting up to talk about church planting issues, missions, Thailand, etc. I'd appreciate it if you could pray for our time together, that God would lead and guide our talks and our relationship so we can both be sharpened in those few days together. After that, Hyun will fly out to Thailand and we'll have a few days to explore one of my favorite countries to be in.

Have a great Passion Week everyone!

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minjung said...

hi pastor eddie! No matter what ur doing, I pray that God continues to guide u down His perfect path~
sorry to have missed the CB meeting, but shall keep it in my prayers~
Thailand... *sigh* God bless Thailand...!

Eddie said...

Thanks Minjung. I appreciated that.

And we'll be meeting again soon after I get back for our next CB meeting ... so be on the lookout for that :)

Yes, God bless Thailand.

Graham said...

Hehe Eddie, I couldn't help but giggle out loud when I realised how funny it was that during your break, you're starting a missions organisation :)

Looking forward to working with you again man!

djchuang said...

Sounds like an incredible time you'll have in Thailand!! First time visitor, love what you're exploring regarding an expression of faith where you are.

You may read up on Dave's account of what his time has been like in Thailand thus far at his blog

daniel bae said...

Hey Eddie! I hope your enjoying your time in Thailand! Keep us posted on what you're up to! I've been listening to U2 a lot these days. Should've started earlier so that I could've gain info and insight from you! miss u!

Eddie said...

Gray: I was laughing at the same thing dude! :)

DJ: Cool to meet you this way! Love your site too btw! I'd love to connect with you some day as well.

DBae: Your eyes and ears have finally opened! ;) Ha ha ... great to hear your taste has improved :) Miss you too bro.

To everyone: I'll try and post tomorrow if I can sqeeze in the time, but I've been absolutely LOVING my time with Dave Gibbons ... we've talked about so many issues, but I definately feel like God has been confirming a lot of the steps I need to take this year .... shall update soon (Lord willing!).

Love and misses to you all ... :)