Thursday, April 27, 2006

A Family Post

This one goes out to my parents. They recently came back from a trip to Washington D.C. Both my parents love taking photos so they wanted to see the rows of cherry blossom trees that were blooming. The last time I was in DC was when I was in elementary school ... I'll have to visit again, since I don't remember much from it! And the last photo in the slideshow is of my sister and her new dog.

As you can tell, is my newest blog-toy to play with. I came across it while reading djchuang's website. He has some pretty cool discussions going on at the moment about Asian American churches. Check it out.


mom & dad said...

Wow Eddie! We are surprised that you put up those pictures.
The slide show is so good with the beautiful pictures.

Eddie said...

:) Yep, the pictures turned out great :)