Monday, June 04, 2007

A Legacy for Eternity

Podcast Update

We finished up our 4-part series on Ruth this past Sunday, looking at the impact that a life of "hesed" has, even beyond our lifetimes. I was blessed by God over and over again during the preparation and study of these passages. The sermon has been uploaded on my podcast, and you can listen to it through the player on the right or download it through iTunes here.

Slowly Adjusting

It's been 4 weeks so far at Wesley (where I'm currently the interim pastor until the end of the year), and I'm slowing getting a better "feel" of the congregation and my role within it. It's been a cool experience meeting people from so many different backgrounds within our congregation. We have people from Fiji, China, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, India, Solomon Islands, various parts of Europe, people who have been in Australia for several generations, people who come literally straight off the street and of course Korea. There's also a praise leader who looks like he's from Vietnam ... but claims to be Korean ;P I don't know about that one ...

Seeking Prayer

If you could please pray for wisdom as one of the biggest tasks for me is to help organize their ministries and bring clarity in their structure, their mission and their ministries. Though I enjoy organizing things, there's A LOT to sift through and develop along the way. And most importantly, please pray for a greater anointing of God in my life that I might honor Him and help others treasure Him ... and that His presence might rest heavily upon me, especially as I preach His Word. Thanks for your prayers! As always ... your prayer support is my life support.

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hermannese said...

Sam doesn't look Vietnamese ;P

Well i have come to the point, bit like Jonah, where i have now realised my destiny and have stopped running... That i *pauses* *breathes* do look Vietnamese and my calling is for South East Asia =P May God even use my physical appearance to minister to the nations =D

Great message on Sunday Eddie... Man God was speaking hard to me!

Sascha said...

Eddie!!! ^^
I'm so blessed by your sermon!
I want to become a person that is remembered and honoured!
In the midst of my hectic assignments, i'm so pumped and excited! ^^ This excitement is contagious ^^

Eddie Byun said...

Hermz: Ha ha ... I'm glad you're finally accepting God's call in your life to serve South East Asia :P (but first let's go to the US and THEN we'll start SEASON of Love across SE Asia) :) Grateful for your partnership bro! I really am.

Hey Sascha! Thanks for your prayers and support too :) May God raise you up to be a Ruth in this generation to impact future generations through your commitment to Christ and His Kingdom. Hope your assignments go well!