Monday, June 18, 2007

Hearing, Seeing, Touching

Sermon Update

I just uploaded yesterday's sermon "The Delights of Money" on my podcast. We concluded our 2 part series on money and I've been enjoying the feedback from both congregations about this series. I think for some it's been awhile since they heard preaching on money, since it can be a sensitive topic for some. As always, you can listen to the message in the podcast player on the right or download it through iTunes here. And you can download the sermon outline here.

Touching Videos

Hyun got me into Britain's Got Talent recently through YouTube and we were really touched by a couple of the contestants on the show. If you haven't seen it, check out this video of a 6-year old named Connie who is just precious to listen to. And the other person who was a surprise in many ways, but worth the watch was Paul Potts. Check out his first video here and his second one here. I was never into opera, but I definitely don't mind listening to him.

Honoring Ruth Graham

And finally, I'll have to mention a simple tribute honoring the late Ruth Graham who was an inspiration to my life, and who was the great woman behind the great man of Billy Graham. The picture of someone entering heaven and receiving a warm reception by our Savior and the saints was never easier to imagine. My prayers go out to Billy Graham and his family, but you know that with her departure, Billy's longing for his homecoming is only stronger. Thank God for the life and ministry of Ruth Graham.

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Eric Bae said...

Hey Eddie~ hope you are well~ :) After your post on Ruth Graham, I've been reading up a bit on her life story~ what a champion!!!

Eddie Byun said...

Hey EBae,

One of her coolest quotes is after someone asked if she regretted marrying Billy because he travels so much. Her response:

"I'd rather have a little of Billy than a lot of any other man" :)