Monday, June 25, 2007

Hello Goodbye

Sonia, Hermann, Daniel, Me (photo by Sung Ho Lee)

Thanks for everyone's prayers concerning this past Sunday's Gospel presentation. Several people in both the morning and afternoon congregations surrendered their lives to Christ for the first time and others made re-commitments. Praise God for His grace that saves and the party He throws in heaven when people turn to Him. And I also know that the prayers that were lifted up for that day will also be honored by God in eternity, so again thanks so much for them.


One sad part was it was Daniel's last day serving as the piano/organist of Wesley Church. He's been there for several years and the congregation is going to miss him big time. He has an anointing in his music ministry that set my heart to worship each time he touched the piano. But Lord willing our paths will cross again in the future and we'll be able to partner together to build His Kingdom. It was a joy to be able to pray for him corporately as a final gift for the blessing he's been to us.

Podcasts Updated

As always, you can listen to the message in the podcast player on the right or download it through iTunes here. And you can download the sermon outline here. Daniel and I recorded a bunch of new memory verses for the podcast, but I just discovered that the mic on the piano wasn't working! That stinks. Do we'll have to wait till the next time he visits Sydney to do some more recordings. Sorry about that! :P

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Hannah said...

Oh no!!! Daniel's leaving!? That's really sad! Now I am sad Eddie!

Eddie Byun said...

Ha ha ... you crack me up Hannah :)

Debbie said...

Where is Daniel going????? Man, are too high tech!! LOL!!!

Eddie Byun said...

Hey Debbie. Daniel got a new job in a different city :( He was an awesome partner to have in the Gospel. Good to connect with you again Deb! :)