Sunday, June 10, 2007

A Day of Podcasts

Regular Update

Today was a day of catching up on a couple of podcasts that I kind of neglected for awhile. Well first off, we started a new series today entitled "The Power of Money", looking at the dangers of loving money. All of Wesley Mission is beginning a month of financial stewardship so we were asked to keep to this theme in our Sunday messages. You can listen to the message in the podcast player on the right or download it through iTunes here.

Also, for those who would like to download the sermon outline for this message, you can download the outline here.

New Updates

But my "song" podcast and the weekly memory verse podcasts were a bit lonely throughout my sabbatical so I finally wanted to update those today. Between the morning and afternoon services, I partnered with my beloved new piano player Daniel Athysayaraj (who sadly will be moving to Canberra next month) and we tried out some of my old songs I wrote back in my university days. My deepest apologies for my voice; it's been over a year since I tried singing properly.

Back to the Verses

But more than that podcast, I'd like you to listen to my weekly memory verse podcast, this time with Daniel's anointed piano playing as the background music (instead of my basic guitar plucking!). His music has really ministered to my heart in the weeks we've been together. I'm sad to see him go, but I know God will provide for all of our needs in His time.

I included the direct player for each podcast above, but if you'd like to download them through iTunes, here are the links:

The Podcast with Songs, click here.

The Weekly Memory Verse Podcast, click here.

Thanks for all your prayers and encouraging messages, emails and visits. They've been a source of strength and joy throughout my new journey in the city. Enjoy the new podcasts and I "hope" to be able to have more of these "offerings to God" on a regular basis in the coming months. God bless and have a great week!

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sam bae said...

Hey Eddie,
Far out... your blog is intense!
i could spend days on yours!!

no wonder you're telling me to update mine! hahah..

well, i decided to update them a little more frequently! i've been inspired!!

Hope all's well. Is there a way to download your sermons without itunes? or do i have to succumb to the enveloping world of ipods as well?

Eddie Byun said...

Hey Sam, looking forward to visiting your blog after this :)

As for the podcast, when you download the sermon through iTunes, it saves it on your computer as an MP3 file so you can use any MP3 player or computer to listen to it. You don't need an iPod unless you buy songs through iTunes (but even that, they're changing the format now too).

Anyways ... you can still live safely in your iPod-free world :)