Friday, June 22, 2007

A Commentary on Commentaries

Finding a Commentary

Several people the past few days have asked me about finding good commentaries. So instead of making a long list, I've been recommending these two books which give a great summary and review of various commentaries for both the New and Old Testament.

For the New Testament

For the New Testament, D.A. Carson has recently revised his excellent New Testament Commentary Survey. This will give you some of the top evangelical commentaries to choose from for each book of the New Testament. A helpful tool for teachers, pastors and leaders. For my Australian friends, you can find the Koorong link here. Koorong is having a 15% off sale this weekend so it might be a good time to buy it. And for my US/Canada buddies, I've provided a link from here.

For the Old Testament

Tremper Longman III has done the survey of commentaries for the Old Testament in this series with Carson. The Koorong link is here and the link is here. It's a helpful book for those who want to find the best resource for in depth studies on individual books of the Bible.

Please Pray for Me

And please pray for me concerning this weekend's sermon. I feel led to share my testimony and preach purely on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. After getting a chance to talk to more people at Wesley, I feel it's time to share the foundation of our faith this weekend.

Pray that those who don't know Christ yet will experience and understand the eternal life-changing message of the Cross. And pray that God would anoint me and use me to proclaim His message clearly and with conviction. Thank you always for each prayer that is lifted up. God will remember and reward you for them =)

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Brian Park said...


I hope your sermon goes well this weekend. Carson and Longman's commentary surveys are quite good. Also very good is John Glynn's book, recently revised and especially helpful in pointing out forthcoming works that may be worth waiting for (e.g. Carson on 1-3 John, Bauckham on Luke and John, Moo on Galatians, N.T. Wright on Philippians, etc.). Here's the Amazon link .

Eddie Byun said...

Hey Brian, thanks for the prayers and the info. Good hearing from you man :)

Eric Bae said...

GOSPEL!! :) praying for you Eddie!! :)

Eddie Byun said...

Thanks EBae! I appreciate it bro. And it looks like Daniel will give you a call to see if you guys can hook up too while in India :)