Friday, October 20, 2006


Together with DJ Chuang

I had my first podcast interview (through Skype) last night with a leading thinker for the Asian-American Church, DJ Chuang. Visit his blog for some great discussions and resources concerning 2nd Gen issues. He often writes about issues the 2nd generation Asian-American faces concerning faith and ministry. He was also on a semi-sabbatical this year and I was interested in finding out what God was doing in this season of his life. To hear the interview, click on the link below, and to subscribe to future episodes of "Interviews and Insights", click on the link here.

I definately want to do more interviews with him to discuss the current and future situation with the Asian-American Church, but for now, I was thankful that he set aside time to talk with me about his recent sabbatical. (So thank you DJ!) I'm planning on doing more interviews with various Christian leaders to learn from their years of experience on a variety of topics. If there's an issue you'd like to hear discussed, send me an email and I'll try and get it for a future episode.

It's pretty cool what we can do now through the wonders of technology ... partnering together and helping each other out, even though we're on the opposite sides of the globe.

Together with Team Hoyt

And concerning the video ... some of you may know the story of "Team Hoyt" (see video above), a father and son team who run marathan races. For 27 years, Dick Hoyt (the father), pushed his son's wheelchair in races because that's what his son dreamed of doing ... running in a race. They're going to be entering their final Iron Man race this year. You can read the article here. What an inspirational story! Have a great weekend in His presence, as we run this race ... together.

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Eric Bae said...

hey Eddie,

that's so weird! I just saw a clip of Team Hoyt on YouTube... and then came to your blog to read about their article... I remember watching the video at EM... last year I think~ :) such a moving story!!!

Eddie said...

Hey EBae, yeah, seriously. It really is a touching story. I couldn't believe that the son was like 47 now. What an amazing dad too. A great picture of the sacrificial love of a parent for the child.

Andy said...

hey Eddie! they showed that clip at PG-1 couple of days ago too. very inspirational. cool interview thing u got going there. btw i dropped u a gmail. ^^ have an awesome weekend.