Wednesday, October 11, 2006


I've been re-organizing my previous audio downloads I had on my blog (e.g. MP3 memory verses, sermons, etc.) while experimenting with iTunes and podcasting in the process. So now, if you want to get the MP3 memory verses or sermons I had on my blog before, there's a better place to download them. You can just open your iTunes store, do a search for "Eddie Byun" and get them there. Just to warn you, clicking on these links will ask you if you want to open iTunes.

I created these podcasts in iTunes for memory verses, sermons, and some songs I wrote awhile back. As of today, the sermons and song podcasts are up and running, but the memory verse podcast should be available later in the week. I'll try and upload things on a weekly basis when I can ... (Lord willing). In the mean time, I need to find a guitar I can borrow for the "background music" for future memory verses (and maybe even some new songs along the way as well).

One habit I've gotten into was to have the MP3 memory verses in my iPod and listen to them on repeat while exercising, driving, walking in the city, surfing the net, etc. It's a great way to learn new verses and review older ones. I hope these podcasts can help in your devotional life with Christ ... as we strive to keep our lives surrounded and saturated by His Word. I hope these resources can be a source of blessing and strength in our journey Home.

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