Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Books and Verses

My podcast for memory verses is finally up and running on iTunes. For my blurb on this and my other podcasts, you can read my previous blog entry on this topic. For the next 4 weeks, I'd like to encourage you to try and learn a new verse per week, using your MP3 player and see how it goes. If you can review it during your free time or "down-time", I think you'll find it very do-able.

Looking for a good read? Christianity Today just listed their view of the Top 50 Books That Shaped Evangelicals in their most recent issue. Some great, all-time classics are on that list. #5 on that list was a big reason I ended up going to Regent College, #10, 13, 21, and 26 equipped me for evangelism, #43 taught me how to pray for missions, #39 and 42 kept me focused, #17, 18, and 19 shaped me as a disciple of Christ ... just to mention a few that I'm thankful for on the list.

And finally, I'll leave you with some links to some "pretty" clips. The first clip is "pretty" cute ... this next one is "pretty" ugly ... and this last one is "pretty" cool. Enjoy =)

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Eric Bae said...

to this date, Helen scares me.... :)

Brian Park said...

Eddie, have you even heard of the book that made #! on the CT list? (I haven't.) There's been a lot of complaining in the blogosphere over some of the books that made the list and others that were left out.

Eddie said...

Ha ha EBae. Hey, but aren't you a black belt too though? :p

Brian: No, I never heard of the first selection and I was quite surprised at the #1 selection as well. It was that and some other deletions that led me to write in my blog it was "their view" of the top 50 books. It's surprising, especially since it's coming from CT of all sites.