Thursday, October 26, 2006

Next in Line ...

Oh man, I feel SO bad for Drew Bledsoe who got benched in Monday night's game against the New York Giants. I was really hoping he could win a Super Bowl with him as their leader. He's had such a tough career. After leading the Patriots to a great season, he got injured and then had to see the new kid (Tom Brady) lead the team to (several) Super Bowl victories. Then left for the Bills ... struggled ... and then rejoined (his former coach) Bill Parcells with the Cowboys.

Sorry, but I just had to comment on the Quarterback issue with the Dallas Cowboys. Without a doubt, Troy Aikman (my favorite football player) was a tough act to follow. Since his retirement, there have been 10 players trying to fill those big shoes. The latest is now Tony Romo. If somehow they do win it this year, it's going to be bittersweet ...

Post-Aikman QB's
Year Acq. Starts Released
Anthony Wright 2000 3 2002
Quincy Carter 2001 31 2004
Clint Stoerner 2000 2 2003
Ryan Leaf 2001 3 2002
Chad Hutchinson 2002 9 2004
Vinny Testaverde 2004 15 2005
Drew Henson 2004 1 2006
Drew Bledsoe 2005 22 ???
Tony Romo 2003 On Deck ???

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