Saturday, January 07, 2006

A Fond Farewell ... For Now

Just wanted to say farewell to everyone's older brother in EM (Songsoo) and to the always surprising "Annaconda" (Anna) ... just wanted to say that it's been great having the both of you as a part of our ministry throughout these past few years. I hope you guys have a great time in London and are able to find a wonderful fellowship to grow in ... our loss is England's gain.

Songsoo has been the older brother our ministry needed in the early days of New Life. His partnership was especially valuable during our 2003 Thailand Mission Team ... being there for each person and pushing everyone on. He also served faithfully within our discipleship ministry.

Anna was often a quiet supporter who did a lot of behind-the-scenes service within our administration and finance side of things. Then one day, during the 2002 mission trip, she revealed her true inner self as she stood on the back of a truck in the middle of rush hour traffic, lifted her hands high in victory as "Annaconda" was unleashed!

It was also a blessing to see your relationship begin, grow and mature during these years and what a joy it was to have you two as the second couple to marry within our ministry. May God continue to bless your marriage and use you well to glorify His Name and build His Kingdom ... wherever you may be.

Another sad note: John Piper has just been diagnosed with cancer. He's a pastor and author that has greatly influenced my life and my attitude towards ministry for the past 12 years. The first book I read of his was "The Supremacy of God in Preaching" and it is still the best book on preaching I've read to this day. Could you please pray for healing upon this servant of God? A personal letter from Piper can be found here.

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Eric Bae said...

hey Eddie.

Good to see you are back! :D hope you have recovered well~ (or recovering well~) Happy New Year! :D