Friday, January 06, 2006

Bits and Pieces

To update a bit more on what we did in Guinea, I'll just go through a few events here and there. When I have the energy to do so, I'll try and put up more pix too ... there was a lot of walking to remote villages that were completely 'not-yet-reached' with the Gospel. Some of our guys walked over 50km just to reach one of these villages. The missionaries ask for us to pray for breakthroughs to happen in these regions that have many strongholds.

The above photo shows a 'typical' hut that the people live in within the villages. Each village has a tribal leader who basically determines whether or not the villages will welcome you (or welcome you back) or not. But once a good relationship is built, they'll sometimes stop everything and throw a major welcoming party for you when you return. You need to either dance really well or be ready to die to your pride and go all out during these festivities. Luckily we have no footage of my attempts at dancing from my September visit =)

This picture (above) is one of me and Mike Kim (my long-time buddy who's a missionary in China and who joined us for the trip). I realized more and more the great honor and necessity of prayer walking on the soil of lands that have such few believers. In a land whose air rarely contains the worship, praise and prayer to God Almighty, I realized it wasn't just prayer walking, but it was power walking ... claiming that ground for Christ ... planting seeds of the Kingdom through Kingdom prayers ... cultivating the soil of that land to prepare itself for the coming harvest ... knowing strongholds were being broken and lives were being covered with prayer ... it was awesome to be a part of.

It's pretty cool how God allows His kids to be a part of something so grand ... and I can't wait till heaven to see how God used each one of those prayers to build His Kingdom in these nations we pray for.

Back in the city of Conakry (the capital of Guinea), we were able to see what happens on Fridays for their Muslim "holy day" of prayer. During their noon time prayer, everything stops and the streets and mosques are filled with people getting ready to pray. It was a massive gathering of people everywhere. Then for about 15 minutes they whole city is led in a time of prayer and bowing several times ... a bit eerie to see actually. It was sad to see so many people blindly bowing to a false god ... we couldn't help but pray for God to open their eyes to see the One True God who alone could save them.

To keep it random ...

A couple of bits from France ... our layover. I liked this airport ... and why did I like this airport in France (CDG)? Because U2 used this airport as their cover shot for the "All That You Can't Leave Behind" album ... AND they recorded their "Beautiful Day" video in this airport too ... =) It was also cool because God sent a lot of snow while we were in Paris ... it was so nice to see snow again ... it's been years since I last saw that much snow ... in my heart I felt like a kid again, wanting to look at every detail of each snow flake that fell on my jacket. I considered it a gift from God ... He's cool.

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David Kwag said...

Great to have you back!

Eddie said...

Thanks bro. It's great to be back with my family in Sydney too :) Missed the New Life gang a bunch while away.