Tuesday, January 24, 2006

81 for the Ages

I'm sorry, but I just can't get over this. This is just crazy!!!! If anyone has this recorded or something, save it for me because I just have to watch this whole game again sometime! Unbelievable performance! Dude, iTunes needs to make this available for download or something. The final score 122-104 ... with Kobe making 81 out of the 122 points for the Lakers.

As an NBA fan, I'm in awe ... but I'm thinking this must be bad for coaches who are trying to teach their teams about teamwork and not trying to be a one-man show ... I'm wondering how that's going to effect the culture of basketball, especially with a lot of the younger players having a "me-first" mentality to the game.

Many analysts blame this mentality to the reason why the USA "Dream?" Team didn't dominate (or even win the gold) in the last Olympics. But again, as a fan, you love seeing games like this ... but as a coach it must sting a little (and I'm sure the opponents are also still feeling the sting!).


Brian Park said...

Incredible accomplishment individually. But I so dislike him as a person and a player that it's still difficult for me to cheer for him...81 points notwithstanding. The dude needs to get his own personality Kobe and quit talking and playing like MJ!

Eddie said...

Ha ha ... love your comment Brian. And nice new website too! :)

Andz said...

I saw 81 points on nba.com, I thought it was 61 points but then i squinted, rubbed my eyes and it was a figure 8 and my mouth was wide open.

sehna said...

hey eddddieeeeeeeeeee
when do i get to see you again!?
hehe the fotos of us my parents took came out so dodgy..-.,-''
cant wait til mike gets back..
bet he miss you more than me hehehehe
see you soon!!

Eddie said...

Andz: can't wait to see the game!

Sehna: can't wait for Mike and Jane to get back too! :)