Monday, January 23, 2006


I just got back from my 2 week break and what a wonderful break it was. A restful time to enjoy the gift of family and friends around the world ... and many unexpected meetings with old friends along the way. A time to kick back and seek God for this next season of life ... and God had been leading me to take new steps of faith for this new year. I had some very revealing times of prayer ... and got some good reading done on some books that really sharpened me. Thanks for those who were praying for me during this time. God definately spoke to me about some major areas for ministry ... I shall update in due time.

And ... Super Bowl XL is set! The Seahawks will be in their first ever appearance in the Big Dance and the Steelers will be trying to win one for Bettis before he retires. I've always appreciated the hard work ethic and example of Bettis ever since he came into the league, and for that reason, I'm pulling for the Steelers to take it in SBXL. That would be a great way to retire for such an outstanding player who's always led by example and showed true humble servant-leadership, even when younger players were placed ahead of him. What a guy.

Dude! And Kobe Bryant scored 81 points in ONE GAME today!!!!! That is just psycho. It's very hard for me to say this, but not even Jordan scored that many points in one game before. Only Wilt Camberland's 100 point game tops tonight's performance by Kobe. Amazing. But please don't confuse this paragraph with the misunderstanding that I'm saying Kobe is better than MJ, because any human being in their right mind knows that there is still no one greater in basketball that Michael Jordan. =)

Well, back to the office tomorrow and time to prepare and transition for a lot of changes in this new year. Looking forward to seeing the New Life family soon! And yes, Koorong and the Thai place were already visited today =)

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(This is a GREAT album ... totally takes you away to new places and brings peace to the soul)


jenny h said...

You're back!!:D
Are you playing volleyball on thursday?
Hopefully see u then- or sunday!

hana said...

great to have you back eddie~ ^^