Saturday, September 10, 2005

Our Lamp ... Our Light ... Our Life

In preparation for my mission trip next week and to help our December mission teams, I uploaded a bunch of new Bible verses in MP3 format. As time permits and as the Lord wills, I hope to have many more verses available from past mission trips as well as more personal favorites =)

Using this method of memorizing Scripture through my MP3 player has made a big difference in learning new verses more quickly, effectively, and efficiently, as well as keeping old verses fresh in my mind.

I've also been encouraged by those who have shared with me that this part of the website has been helping them start a new discipline in their lives that they didn't have before. It's an honor for me to know that this small act of service can help someone hide God's Word in their heart and grow in their knowledge of Scripture. And for that reason, I will continue to make time for this ministry on the web =)

I pray that our congregation would continue to cherish His Word in our lives ... by learning it ... loving it ... and living it. May God bless you richly as you saturate your life with Scripture.

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Until My Heart Caves In
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eunyoung said...

have a safe trip to Africa~

Kevin Cho said...

Hi Eddie, It's Kevin Cho, who just came from Korea 4 month ago and who really like your sermon. ^_^ Btw, I just downloaded some of your videos and I wonder if you'd compressed it. Those files are pretty big but it only takes a few seconds... Anywayz I have had an experiment that I compressed MVI_1831.AVI file, which include Epping A.R.M.Y chant, 59.2 MB, into 9.39 MB through DIVXMPG4 format. I think the quality of the file is almost same.

If you had a problem with uploading over 100MB files, I can help you providing how to make it smaller, if you want. ^^;

And.. I recently joined Ministry Audio/Video part, so if you need help, I always welcome. Further let's think about how we can tape your sermon without noise...^^

Eddie Byun said...

Thanks Eunyoung :)

Kevin, that sounds GREAT! I look forward to seeing your skills and gifts build up His Kingdom here in Sydney! God bless you bro and welcome to the Family of God!!!