Sunday, September 11, 2005

Gifts of Grace

Today was a wonderful day of experiencing God’s grace. And if God’s grace is a gift (which it is), I saw so many gifts being given out today in abundance. We continued our Sunday series: “Good News in a Bad News World”. Today’s message was entitled: “Good News for the Messed Up”, and I was able to witness first hand God distributing His gift of salvation … His gift of healing … and His gifts of love, acceptance and restoration to our congregation. And it was wonderful to behold. Thank You Father …

And this may possibly be my last post for a few weeks as I leave for my mission trip tomorrow morning. I will be spending time in France, Morocco and Guinea reaching out to Muslims in these nations and partnering with many ministers and missionaries along the way.

These places, especially in Africa, have many strongholds, so please pray that God would be my Wall of Fire protecting me, my faithful Provider of all my needs, my Banner who will bring me victory, my Jehovah Rapha who will bring me Healing and my Shepherd who will lead me … every step of the way.

And as teamwork is so crucial for mission teams, and with this team being very mixed (from Australia, the US and Korea), please pray for unity, humility and love as we seek to serve Him together.

I cherish your prayers, I am thankful for your partnership and I am honored to be your servant. To serve with you is always a gift of grace to me … a reminder that God is a God of second chances … what a great God we serve … may He receive much glory through this trip and through our lives.

[ps. I’ve included a short prayer letter in the photo to the left. You can click to see a larger version … plus, if possible, I’ll use the “audio blogger” function on this site and leave update messages through phone calls if I am able … so keep posted … and let’s stay in prayer for each other.]

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Eric Bae said...

praying for you Eddie. Travel safely!!

Hae-In said...

hey eddie :) mon sent me a link to ur blogger tutorial cos i was having difficulty with my site. i took the navigation thingamabobedy off but then someone told me that was illegal..? i dunno if it's true though. but i figured u would know so correct me if i'm wrong.

after perusing through ur site i came to the conclusion that if u ever need a break from being a pastor, u'd be an excellent website/computer man... if such ppl exist, hahaha :)

anyway - catcha later. and hope ur enjoying ur time away. God is good, He'll keep u safe.

Daniel said...

Yo! have a safe trip! Koorong and West Ryde thai are gonna be going thru recession for the next few weeks i guess...

Eric Bae said...

anyone heard from Eddie??????