Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Kingdom Seeds

"I tell you the truth, unless a kernal of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds." John 12:24 NIV

This was the key verse that God was convicting my heart about during my first mission trip to Africa back in 1992 (oh my ... that was over 13 years ago!?!?!) ... and it was the verse that God reminded me of last night. There was a monthly Come Mission Intercessory Prayer Meeting that I had to speak for yesterday and during the opening praise, I felt I needed to share from this text again to the 'future' missionaries who were at that meeting. I had orginally planned on speaking from a completely different passage, but this was the theme, I felt, for the night.

A couple of our EM members were there (and are also regular members of Come Mission Australia). They are currenty preparing for a mission trip to Morocco in December as well as preparing for a lifetime of missions after seminary. And the lessons that I learned on my first mission trip I wanted to share to them.

I realized that the only way unreached nations are going to hear the Gospel is when disciples begin to live a life of 'dying as seeds' for the Kingdom. It's only when we are willing to give up our 'rights' for a comfortable life and the luxuries that our friends and family may have and be willing to become the first seeds to be planted among a people who need Him. And when those seeds die, new life begins ...

And it's only when we love something or Someone more than the life we live here on earth, that we'll be able to serve the nations in a way that will honor God and build His Kingdom ... for we honor Him when we say with our lives ... more than comfort, I love You more ... more than what I want, I want to want You more ... and when the nations see that we love Christ more than life and because of that, we do not fear death ... Christ is honored. So it has been and will continue to be the prayer for our congergation to be Kingdom seeds to be spread thoughout this world ... and to be used mightily for the spreading of His fame ... all for His glory. May we always honor Him in our life ... and honor Him in our death.

"God, prepare your servants in our congregation for a lifetime of loving You ... a lifetime of loving You more than life ... and lifetime of loving You until death. I pray that you will prepare us to be Kingdom seeds that will be willing to be planted anywhere you send us. To be seeds that are planted into the lives of those who need You ... and to be seeds that are willing to die ... for You ... so that more than comfort, we would always want Christ ... more. So prepare us well Father ... so that you might use us well ... all for Christ ... and His Kingdom. In the mighty name of Jesus we pray ... Amen."

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