Friday, March 13, 2009

Teaching Again

I just started teaching my preaching course at Torch Trinity Graduate School of Theology and it feels good to be back in the classroom. I love the idea of helping people grow and develop as preachers who will love the Word and be faithful in the delivery and proclamation of God's truth to the nations. And I really mean to the nations. One of the things I love about Torch is the international diversity that's represented in that place - literally people from all over the world who are training there to go back and be a blessings to their homeland that is need of Christ. What an honor and privilege it is to serve God's people in this way.

Please pray that God would give me wisdom to teach these students well and that these students would be used by God to bless all the nations of the world with His Gospel. And please also pray that our class would be a place of worship, so that all that we learn would trigger a heart

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