Monday, March 30, 2009

Happy Anniversary CGNTV

Congrats to CGNTV (Christian Global Network Television) on celebrating their 4th Anniversary. This is the media arm of Onnuri Community Church which reaches over 120 countries around the world. CGNTV has been used by God to bring the Gospel literally to the ends of the earth and it's been an honor to serve and partner with this ministry.

Also, there have been many testimonies from Christians and missionaries from around the world who have found strength and encouragement to keep pressing on in the midst of lonely situations because of the programs and worship services that are broadcast from CGN. For those who understand Korean, you can watch several testimonies of how CGNTV has impacted lives and the mission field here (if you have difficulty viewing the site with Firefox, try it with IE as most Korean websites are built for Internet Explorer).

It has done so much in such a short period of time and I hope and pray God will continue to anoint and use this ministry to bring the Gospel to every single people group of the world. Even for this short moment, please lift up a prayer for CGNTV to strengthen the Church around the world.

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