Sunday, March 29, 2009

Debate on the Devil

ABC held an interesting debate on the existence of Satan/demons last week in the US. It was hosted at Mars Hill Church and I'm glad Mark Driscoll represented our side. I feel he did a great job of staying true to Scripture in a friendly, firm and intelligent way. I think our side looked good because of the reasoning, presentation, and articulation of Mark, but I also think in part due to the people they chose to represent the opposing side. I can't help but wonder if they picked "white, middle-class American"-type people for that side, if the feel might have been different. Anyways, it's worth a look. You can watch this debate and previous ones here.

Sidenote: For Firefox users, to get rid of pop up adds and even the commercials, install the add-on application "adblock pro" and you'll have ad-free, commercial free viewing of all the sessions.

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