Sunday, July 15, 2007

Humble Eyes

Podcast Updated

Just uploaded this week's sermon on humility, entitled "Humble Eyes". You can listen to it through the podcast player on the right or download it through iTunes here, and you can get the sermon outline here. We'll finally be getting to our church series next week and begin developing Wesley's structure to be a bit more efficient and effective for growth and ministry. God always seems to be bringing a new group of old friends to each service, which I count as a gift from above. So thanks for those who make the time to come out. I count each of you as a gift.

A Song Behind the Sermon

This topic of having "humble eyes" is something God was teaching me throughout my college years. It was one of the biggest lessons of my life during those years, tearing away my desire to live for people and instead, to live for the Audience of One. It also led to me to write one of my first songs, with the same title. You can hear a sample here. Here are the lyrics:

Humble Eyes

A humble heart and humble eyes
To see myself as common in my eyes to see You
Ears to hear You, a heart that loves You
More than my own life I give You, Lord I need You
More and more I need You, more and more I need ...

Your humble heart, Your humble eyes
That saw Yourself as common in Your eyes that saw me
Your ears that heard me, Your heart that loved me
More than Your own life You gave me, Lord you saved me
More and more I need You, more and more I need ... You


Kiwi Buddies

The picture above is the group of friends from New Zealand who visited last week. It was a blast hanging out with them again in the city. It's been over 2 years since I last saw them at a retreat in Auckland. A lot of NZ reminded me of Vancouver for its natural beauty and its combination of mountains and the ocean. For those who plan on visiting Sydney, make sure you also set aside a few days to explore New Zealand as well ... if you're going to come ALL the way over here, you might as well hit that country too =)

And thanks for those who prayed for my niece Jaelyn, she and my sister are well and finally went home a couple of days ago. Can't wait to hold her =) Have a great week ... in His presence.

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kennykimdotcom said...

Eddie thanks for sharing that song. It brings back memories! That was blessing!

Joel said...

Have you written a lot of songs?

Eddie Byun said...

Hey Kenny, thanks bro. Yeah, it's pretty old school! :) Hurry and visit Sydney bro! (So you can take some pictures for me too!) hee hee ...

Hey Joel. I don't know if it's "a lot" or not, but maybe 20-25 or so.