Monday, July 30, 2007

Amazing Grace

Finally in Australia

The movie Amazing Grace, which is the true story of William Wilberforce, has finally arrived in Australia. It'll be a great outing for small groups to attend together and discuss afterwards. The official movie website offers some resources and study guides for you to use, which you can access here.

Podcast Updated

Last Sunday's sermon is uploaded and can be downloaded on iTunes here or through the podcast player on the right. And the sermon outline can be downloaded here. Have a great week and let's continue to stay in prayer for the Korean hostages in Afghanistan. Praying for a peaceful and quick resolution to this crisis.

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Eric Bae said...

Hey Eddie,

How's it going~ :) Sam said this movie is really good~ it's not out in India.. hope it's still on when I go back to Melb!

Eddie Byun said...

Hey EBae,

Yeah I'm hoping to see it this week. They're encouraging the Christian community to watch it this week so that it'll stay in theaters longer.

gogi said...

Hi eddie!

I have watched it with church friends and it was just awesome. I strongly recommend to everyone!