Monday, February 19, 2007

A Few More Updates

One reason why I'm glad I don't live in Chicago anymore.

Would you like some ice-cream with that hot dog?

A few more updates:

Satang transferred to the Harry's Cafe at Market City next to China Town if you want to stop by next time you're in the city. Watching him at work is pretty entertaining ... the fastest worker at Harry's (really!).

Also updated a couple of my podcasts for the first time in a long time: the weekly memory verses and sermons are updated for your listening pleasure.

Thirdly, a new church plant is in the works ... so to my intercessors, please continue to pray for wisdom, anointing and provision. We sense something very exciting is brewing ...

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The Supremacy of God in Preaching
By John Piper
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Sung Ho said...

Eddie mate how have you been?
Hope all is good.

I was reading somewhere, "you gotta do what you gotta do" and it just reminded me of you! haha.

Sonia said...

i'm kinda excited as you
can see. I'll be praying!
God bless all that you do!

Eric Bae said...

praying for your work Eddie! :) keep me in the loop! :)

paul oh said...

go hard eddie! :) looking forward to what God's got planned for sydney this year... see you around~

Eddie Byun said...

Sung Ho: I'm doing well. How are you bro? What am I up to? Well I'm doing what I gotta do :)

Sonia: Thanks for your prayers (and excitement!)

EBae: Bring your mic to work next week and let's Skype.

Paul: Thanks bro. Hope you have a good year too.

thaitornado said...

thHaha Eddie :) thank for da pic

I wish to live in the snowy house like that though.. one thing i sad is that Thailand and Sydney NO SNOW

young said...

Hey Eddie, I think it's been too long since I last visited. I only just noticed you changed your layout -- it looks much brighter now.

Hope all is well. =)

Chris Nahm said...

Hey Eddie, hope you're doing well. Haven't seen you in ages!
I came here to ask what your opinions were of me visiting Chicago over Christmas break for a medical student rotation, but your picture speaks a thousand words!!!
How bearable is the weather?

Eddie Byun said...

Stang: Snow is fun for 1 day and after that, it's a pain in the butt. Especially if you have to shovel it and drive in it! :P

Young: Things are cool. How are things with you? Good to hear from you again.

Chris: I'll respond on your Xanga ;)