Sunday, February 18, 2007

Catching Up

Hyun in front of the "dolphin tour boat", even though there were no dolphins in sight (!)

Claudia and Jim Jung

Our only group shot of the weekend

I guess the fishing was pretty good here back in the day

Some more fish

Hyun and Claudia on deck (Port Macquarie)

Jim and Me awaiting our boat

Me and Hyun behind our hotel

Hyun and Claudia in front of our hotel before we head back.

Catching up a little bit at a time. Over Australia Day weekend, Pastor Jim and Claudia Jung (some friends who moved to Sydney from the US), Hyun and I went to Port Macquarie to relax and enjoy some sun. Just wanted to post some pix from that weekend.

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Eric Bae said...

dolphin cruise but no dolphins huh..... hmm...

SS Hong said...

ahhhh ... aussie sun! I remember those days!! :P Hope all is well eddie!

Eddie Byun said...

EBae: Port Stephens was much better than Port Macquarie. Port Mac was basically a retirement community ;P

SS: Hey bro. Good to hear from you and glad to see you're enjoying your travels!